Anionic Polymer

TianFloc's  anionic powders range from low to very high molecular weight, low charge to very high charge and are a premium product suitable for all types of industrial treatment regardless of your industry.

Product Name Appearance Molecular Weight Charge DensityApplications
TIANFLOC® A245 Powder Medium Low
Mining, water treatment
TIANFLOC® A245L  Powder Medium Low Mining, potable water
TIANFLOC® A456L  Powder Medium MediumMining, water treatment
TIANFLOC® A556L  Powder High Medium Mining, water treatment
TIANFLOC® A656L  Powder High Medium Mining, water treatment
TIANFLOC® A756  Powder High High Mining, water treatment
TIANFLOC® A878  Powder High High Mining, water treatment

Cationic Polymer

TianFloc's  cationic powders range from low to very high molecular weight, low charge to very high charge.  Sludge press, centrifuge whatever your dewatering requirements our premium cationic powders are rugged and economical enough to get the job done.
Product Name Appearance Molecular Weight Charge Density Applications
TIANFLOC® C1205 Powder Medium Low Water treatment, sludge dewatering
TIANFLOC® C1210  Powder Medium Low  Water treatment, sludge dewatering
TIANFLOC® C1215  Powder High Low  Water treatment, sludge dewatering
TIANFLOC® C1220  Powder High Medium  Water treatment, sludge dewatering
TIANFLOC® C1240  Powder High Medium  Water treatment, sludge dewatering
TIANFLOC® C1260  Powder High High  Water treatment, sludge dewatering
TIANFLOC® C1280  Powder High High  Water treatment, sludge dewatering
TIANFLOC® C1290 Powder High Ultra High  Water treatment, sludge dewatering

Non-ionic Polymer

TianFloc's non-ionic powders range from low to high molecular weight.  Consult with your TianFloc representative to select the appropriate non-ionic for your application.
Product Name Appearance Molecular Weight Charge Density Applications
TIANFLOC® N100 Powder MediumUltra  Low Water treatment, mining
TIANFLOC® N134 Powder High Low  Water treatment, mining

Enhanced Oil Recovery

TianFloc's  EOR Series polymers range from low to very high molecular weight, low charge to very high charge, ATBS (AMPS) and are premium products suitable for all EOR operations.
Product Name Appearance Molecular Weight Charge Density Applications
TIANFLOC® A245EOR Powder MediumLow
TIANFLOC® A345EOR PowderMedium Low
TIANFLOC® A634EOR Powder Medium Medium
TIANFLOC® A656S Powder High Medium SNF FP 3630
TIANFLOC® A767T Powder High High Injected at CNRL and Cenovus in Canada
TIANFLOC® A689EOR Powder Ultra High Medium Our flagship polymer
TIANFLOC® E3025 Powder Ultra High Medium Low AMPS co-polymer
TIANFLOC® AB1000Powder  Medium Low High AMPS co-polymer

PLA (Polylactic Acid FibreUltra-Short Fibre

Ingredients : 100% PLA 

Specifications :1.50dtex×6mm

Appearance : White fiber

Characteristics : Biodegradable, Easily dispersed


Test Results


Test Results

Linear Density (dtex)


Extra Long Fiber Rate(%)


Linear Density Deviation Rate(%)


Double Length Fiber content(mg/100g)


Breaking Strength (CN/dtex)


Defect Content(mg/100g)


Elongation at Break(%)


Oil Content ( MeOH )(%)


Short Fiber Length(mm)


Moisture Regain(%)


Length Deviation Rate(%)


Shrinkage Ratio(130℃ 15min)(%)


Fiber is added to the fracturing fluid to form fiber fracturing fluid. The fibers prevent proppant flowback at fracture ports by mixing the fibers with the proppant (sand) and dispersing the fibers within the proppant into a three-dimensional network that binds the proppant and prevents it from moving.

Adding fiber to the sand-carrier improves the sand-carrying capacity of the fluid and carrying power of proppant, which enables the proppant to be transported farther to form longer hydraulic fractures and helps control the height of the proppant settlement, thereby enhancing the control of fracture height during fracturing.